Client Testimonials

What my clients have to say…

To Whom it May Concern:

My husband and I sold our home (for over $1 million) and bought a new one simultaneously in July 2009 when selling was VERY slow.  After this experience, I could write a book on how amazing our Realtor, Becky Guillett, was!!

First, I have a whole new respect for Realtors.  It’s a hard job that I wouldn’t want, but we were so fortunate to have such a smart, professional, patient, knowledgeable person working with us.  Issue after issue – she either handled it before we even knew about it, or told us exactly what to do.  We developed so much confidence in her judgement and intelligence that we transformed from the  head-strong, know-it-all clients to the “we’ll-do-anything-you-say” clients!

We love our new home, and absolutely wouldn’t be in it and so happy if it weren’t for Becky Guillett.  No matter how much you think you know about selling or buying… she knows more.  We could tell that the other Realtors and loan officers liked working with her also, because she was so organized and thorough.

You CANNOT GO WRONG using Becky to help you through this big life change.  The process is hard enough, so put someone in the lead who can handle anything.

~C.B. & G.B.


To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing this letter as a recommendation of the highest order for real estate agent and broker, Becky Guillett of Realty World Home Advantage.  Becky was my real estate agent for the purchase of my very first home in Santa Clara.  Her assistance was invaluable, and I was thoroughly impressed with her knowledge of both the geographic area, and houses in general.

As an attorney and educated professional, I do have some understanding of rules affecting real estate transactions, but lacked practical, real world experience in such matters.  In this regard, Becky’s knowledge and expertise were priceless.  Like most first time home buyers, I was nervous, full of questions, and easily confused.  Becky was able to answer all my questions, calm my fears and walk me through the complicated maze of procedures and paperwork that accompany buying a home.   Becky has a keen eye in viewing properties and a strong familiarity with house construction.  She was able to spot problems in other houses I viewed, which I easily missed.  Most importantly, Becky helped me achieve all of my goals to attain the house of my dreams.  There was not a single item on my list that I did not obtain.  I credit Becky with this commendable achievement.

What Becky brings to the table is a unique blend of professional acumen, strong client advocacy, and sympathetic warmth.  She knows the business, knows houses, but most importantly knows people.  Her personal insight, calm demeanor, and friendly attitude are what set her above and beyond the average agent.  You cannot put a price on this kind of personal attention.  I highly recommend using Becky as a real estate agent, and I intend to call on her for all my real estate needs in the future.



To Whom it May Concern:

We are sitting in our new home with many boxes around us and we owe so much of this to Becky Guillett.  Becky was recommended to us by our mortgage broker and we are so happy she did.  As first time home buyers, we knew nothing about buying a home.  Becky answered so many questions, at least 2 to 4 a day, without any hesitation and with a fast response.  Her knowledge of real estate was fantastic.  She knew the market and the area we were looking into.  Becky also knew when to put a bid in and when not to.  She did so much research on our behalf.  All we had to do was ask “What about this house?” and we would get all the information we needed.  Becky was also a pleasure to go house hunting with.  She is very friendly and has a great sense of humor, which is very needed when looking for a house in today’s market. 

But the most important thing that impressed us the most, as first time home buyers, was her support through all the technical aspects of buying a home.  Becky was aware of all the angles from the first to the last bid on a house.  She was so aware of what we would need to do to get the house that we did get.  Her experience is so apparent in her work.  As we were in a daze during our escrow process, Becky handled all the contract work and made sure that everything in the final contract was in our escrow.  This really made a difference for us; some things were not initially the same in escrow as they were in the final contract.  It was so comforting knowing that someone was looking out for us.

We highly recommend Becky as a Realtor and do recommend her to all our family, friends, and co-workers.  We would certainly call her again if we ever decided to sell and buy again.

~M.W. & M.J.


To Whom It Might Concern:

I have been a California Real Estate Broker since 1984 and have participated in over 200 purchases and sales of residential properties throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.  My role in these escrows was to represent buyers and sellers in the purchases and sales of residential properties.

Although a real estate broker myself, my circumstances required that I turn the listing and sale of my home over to a local Realtor.  I interviewed three local Realtors before choosing Becky Guillett.

Becky previewed the property, performed a thorough market analysis, provided and implemented suggestions to ensure the property was marketed to its fullest advantage — then sold it in one day — for a sales price higher than the property’s list price.

What impressed me the most about Becky, was her keen insight into the real estate sales process and her competent and comprehensive administration of the escrow following the property’s sale.  As an experienced real estate broker, I constantly monitored Becky’s conduct in the sales process and can only say that I have never observed a more knowledgeable and capable real estate professional than Becky.

I do unconditionally recommend the services of Becky Guillett and her entire administrative team.

~ R.K.M.

Dear Becky,

Well, we’ve been in the house a week now, and it still doesn’t seem quite real.  If someone told me two months ago when we started this whole process that we’d end up in an actual house, not to mention a house with charm in a neighborhood like this one, I would have been more than skeptical.  But here we are.  The garage is still full of boxes, but the unpacking is happening little by little, and the place is starting to become home.  It feels great.

Tonight we wanted to take a little time to write you with our thanks for all your help; you contributed so much of what made this a great experience for us.  We thought that you would appreciate the feedback, and perhaps want to share it with prospective clients.

As you know, we interviewed several agents when we decided to put the condo on the market and find a larger place.  We wanted to find someone who could guide us through the process, get top dollar for the condo, and work whatever voodoo necessary to get us into a home that we could both afford and feel good about.  It was my first experience buying a home, and it was to be the first home Paul and I would purchase together, so we were determined to find an agent we could trust and feel comfortable with.  And we wanted to work directly with our agent, not with a team of office staff.

All of that went into our decision when we asked you to be our agent.  Who knew we were such smart guys?  Let’s see…

  • You sold our condo in, what, two weeks?  There were 4 other one-bedroom units in our complex that went up for sale at the same time, and when we moved out last week, ours was the only one that had sold.
  • We got exactly the price we wanted.
  • When we stumbled across this house on the very day it went on the market, you helped us write an offer that night.  The seller accepted ours from among other higher offers, largely because our agent was “such a delight to work with.”
  • When the seller asked for a 19 day close, you made it happen.  We moved into our new house exactly two months from the day we selected you as our agent.

Not bad.

Seriously though, it was your way of doing business and treating people that got us our home.  You were always professional and always down-to-earth.  You gave us your full attention any time we were together, even after the sale was completed, and always responded promptly to our questions.  (And there were so many questions.)  You patiently educated us in practically every aspect of this entire process, set realistic expectations, and never pressured us.  Moreover, you were genuinely interested in helping us achieve just what we set out to do.  Paul has said that working with you was like working with family, and I agree with him.

Though I can’t quite think of anyone in my family who would have been quite as fun.  Maybe someone on Paul’s side.

Thanks so much, Becky.  I’m sure that some day we’ll look forward to doing this with you again, but not for a while yet.  We’re planning to settle in.

~S.B. & P.H.

Dear Becky,

We would like to thank you for the truly amazing support you provided us with in our recent home search.  We’re not sure where to begin thanking you because we were completely satisfied with your service in all areas.

What we appreciated most was your drive to get things done and the professionalism with which you did it.  You quickly narrowed our search down to only those properties that were a good fit for us and then you skillfully made things happen during a very competitive offer process.  But all along you allowed us to move at our own pace, you gave your honest opinion of each property, and by promptly returning our calls and answering all of our questions, you managed to always keep us informed and never surprised or overwhelmed during the entire home-buying experience.

It also helped that you were able to take care of some additional things that, being first-time homeowners, we were not experienced with.  Things like scheduling inspections and contractors and also walking us through the final sign-off at escrow, were things that we definitely needed you for but would not have been surprised had you chosen not to do them.  You were always aware and on top of what needed to be done, and were ready to help us whenever we needed it.

We love our new home.  We were surprised that you managed to find us a house that was head and shoulders above the rest, without needing to go outside our initial price range.  Every morning we wake up in this house and it still feels like you found us a bargain… even considering this crazy real estate market we have here in the Bay Area.

You were originally referred to us with very high praise and you still exceeded our expectations.  We will recommend you without hesitation to any prospective home buyer we meet, and we look forward to working with you again in the future.

~R.W. & T.W.

To Whom It May Concern:

It is a pleasure to write a letter recommending Becky Guillett as a Realtor.  My partner and I have recently relocated to the San Jose area from San Diego, CA, and thanks to Becky’s hard work and assistance, we have also purchased our first home.

Being first-time home buyers in what is arguably the most competitive housing market in the nation can be daunting.  Working with Becky and her office staff, however, made this overwhelming endeavor seem almost effortless.  Becky listened patiently and carefully to our requirements, and she was able to help us focus our serch to the homes that best met our needs and budget.  This called for an enormous amount of leg-work to rule out unsuitable houses, which Becky and her staff conscientiously and efficiently performed on our behalf.  When we were able to come to town to look at places for ourselves, we saw only the most fitting properties.  With Becky’s expert guidance, we were able to make an appropriate offer, on a wonderful house, that was promptly accepted by the sellers.

Throughout this entire process, Becky was enthusiastic, helpful, and available (no matter the time.)  Her experience inspired us with trust and confidence in her and her ability to help us find the perfect property.  She is also a lending broker, and she was able to arrange a loan that would work within our limited budget.  She took the time to explain each step of the entire process — from property inspections to the different loan options.  Becky and her staff at Realty World really made the experience of buying our first home a satisfying one.  I would recommend Becky without reservation to anyone looking to buy and/or sell real estate.


 To Whom It May Concern:

We had the pleasure of having Becky Guillett as our real estate agent when we sold our home.  We highly recommend her and have referred our friends to her.  Her knowledge, dependability, and hard work during every phase of our transaction were commendable.  She was generous with her time and gave us invaluable advice.  The after-hours time spent in working with us on our paperwork was way above and beyond the call of duty.

Becky presented us with options about the selling of our home and about the purchasing of our new home.  She handled everything from helping us prepare for the open house to the financing of our new home.  She was effective and professional when working with other potential buyers and their real estate agents.  Becky has a wealth of resources and was able to refer us to workmen who did a superb job on our home.

We would choose her again as our real estate agent.

~C.W. & K.W.

To Whom It May Concern:

Becky Guillett helped us find and purchase our first home.  She managed the entire process like a true professional and walked us through a rather daunting process without hesitation.

She was on top of the listings, a necessary task in Silicon Valley, and had us looking at homes within hours of being placed on the market.  The offering process was nerve-racking, but Becky kept us up to date with what was going on, even when we were travelling outside the country.

We thoroughly enjoyed working with Becky.  We refer her to our friends whenever we can and fully intend to work with her should we need to purchase another home in the area.

~M.K. & C.K.

To Whom It May Concern:

I have had the pleasure to do business with Becky Guillett, broker/owner of Realty World Home Advantage.

At the time when I bought my house, more than the pride of home-ownership, my feeling at that time was one of amazement about how easy, and painless, Becky had made the first home-buying experience for me.

It was the beginning of the year 2000 when I decided to explore the idea of buying a house.  At that time I saw my possibilities to buy a house as very remote and as needing to take a long time before I was able to save enough money for a down payment.  We are talking about the time when the bidding wars for houses were in the front pages of the newspapers, in the climax of the internet boom, when some people were offering to buy the houses with cash from their stock options.

I had heard about Becky’s excellent service from 2 co-workers whom Becky had helped to buy their houses.  I contacted her and it only took one appointment for Becky to change my whole perception about my possibilities to be able to buy a house, and within a few months!  Becky listened attentively to what I was looking for in a house.  On the same meeting, after providing her with some of my financial status, she had a loan strategy that allowed me to become a homeowner.

Becky advised me to wait a couple of months, until more houses were going to be on the market for sale, and recommended me to save enough money in the meantime, to have a reserve of cash for any minor repairs that the house was going to need.  Becky found the house with all the characteristics I was looking for, and I am happy to enjoy my home now.

When I entered the house as the owner for the first time, I wondered what all the fuss was about how difficult it was to buy a house.  At the same time I knew that the reason for that feeling was only because Becky works hard for her clients.

I would be glad if this letter can serve as a referral for the quality work that Becky Guillett does.


Dear Becky,

I wanted to thank you for helping us buy our home.  You were very professional and friendly.  Whenever we came upon problems, you dealt with them and discussed thoroughly the different options we had.  Your opinion and suggestions were invaluable.  I also appreciated being able to quickly get a hold of you when I needed you.  You listened to us and respected our concerns, you always kept us up to date.  Something else I appreciated was how you made the effort to accommodate our schedule.  You have become our Realtor for life.

Your services as a mortgage broker were also extremely helpful.  You helped us find a great jumbo loan.  No one else had given us such a great rate.  You also helped us prepare our documents for the lender.  When there were glitches, you found solutions.  Your professionalism and calm manner helped us a lot during this stressful process.  I appreciated knowing you were on top of things.

I would definitely recommend you to anyone in the market for a house or mortgage.  Thank you for all your help.